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  1. calibre-ntrs-metadata (Forked)
    Python Updated 4 Monaten ago
    NASA STI Repository metadata source for Calibre.
    Language used
    Python 10696 bytes

  2. Piwigo (Forked)
    GNU General Public License v2.0 Updated 2 Jahren ago
    Manage your photos with Piwigo, a full featured open source photo gallery application for the web. Star us on Github! More than 200 plugins and themes available. Join us and contribute!
    Language used
    PHP 10375333 bytes
    HTML 1489079 bytes
    JavaScript 854094 bytes
    Smarty 579045 bytes
    CSS 332754 bytes
    Yacc 40453 bytes
    Perl 27807 bytes
    Less 5561 bytes
    Shell 3881 bytes
    SCSS 2818 bytes
    PureBasic 2731 bytes

  3. TextDiff
    Python 3 3 GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 6 Monaten ago
    Calibre plugin to find text differences in book formats.
    Language used
    Python 97267 bytes
    Batchfile 434 bytes

  4. aproof-icf-classifier (Forked)
    MIT License Updated 2 Jahren ago
    Classifier that can read medical reports and assign a functional level classification following the WHO ICF classification scheme.
    Language used
    Python 18010 bytes
    Dockerfile 204 bytes

  5. isfdb3-calibre
    Python 2 2 GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 3 Wochen ago
    Forked from Adrianna Pińska\'s ISFDB2 (
    Language used
    Python 176358 bytes
    Batchfile 51 bytes

  6. List-Category-Posts (Forked)
    GNU General Public License v2.0 Updated 3 Jahren ago
    WordPress plugin which allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [catlist] shortcode.
    Language used
    PHP 169723 bytes
    Shell 9270 bytes
    CSS 99 bytes

  7. pr-calendar-converter
    JavaScript GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 1 Jahr ago
    Continuation of the calendar converters by Christian Dalhoff.
    Language used
    JavaScript 151048 bytes
    Fortran 131486 bytes
    HTML 18972 bytes
    CSS 4200 bytes

  8. calibre-metadata-plugin-perrypedia
    Python 3 3 GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 4 Wochen ago
    Downloads metadata and covers from Perrypedia (
    Language used
    Python 178800 bytes

  9. harry_potter_nlp (Forked)
    Updated 5 Jahren ago
    Harry Potter and the Allocation of Dirichlet
    Language used
    Jupyter Notebook 11927190 bytes
    Python 19854 bytes

  10. waf (Forked)
    MIT License Updated 5 Jahren ago
    Win Application Framework (WAF) is a lightweight Framework that helps you to create well structured XAML Applications.
    Language used
    C# 1290694 bytes
    Smalltalk 28486 bytes
    Batchfile 598 bytes